Lean Six Sigma Logistics

six sigmaLogistics, Lean and Six Sigma form a natural union.

  • Logistics is about managing inventory.
  • Lean is abour speed, flow and the elimination of waste.
  • Six Sigma is about understanding and reducing variation.

Therefore, Lean Six Sigma Logistics is ‘the elimination of wastess through disciplined efforts to understand and reduce variation, while increasing speed and flow in the supply chain’

That’s it! Easy, isn’t? :-(

Logistics features the Logistics Bridge Model to serve as your roadmap for continuous improvement, leveraging value, eliminating waste and enhancing your abilities to view the supply chain with a critical eye.

What is ‘The Logitics Bridge Model’?

It is a model that can be used a a compass for the logistics profesionals. It will provide the direction and insight on how to solve today’s challenges and set the course for ongoing sucess.

The Logistics Bridge Model teaches us that Lean Six Sigma Logistics is made up of three main principles:

  1. Logistics Flow: Flow is a crucial aspect of any corporate logistics strategy. Undertanting flow inside the organization allows us to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and contraints. Flow describes the operational effecteveness of the company.
  2. Logistics Capability: Once the organization understands how assets and information are flowing, the question od whether or not the firm is capable will arise.
  3. Logistics Discipline: Maintaining flow and capability requires discipline. For people and processes to be effective, there must be discipline to the principles and strategies being used.

And now a video about ‘how to implement Lean Six Sigma successfully’ from sixsigmamoneybelt (youtube)

References: ‘Lean Six Sigma’ writteb by Goldsby&Martichenko (J.Ross Publihing)

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